The house pennant
is up.

Grand Residence 21 has set a new standard in residential living in Helsinki. Encompassing over 5.000m2 of luxurious living space, the property delivers an exclusive service palette, manifesting the concept of state-of-the-art living in all of its aspects; design, services and amenities.

Unique heritage.

Respectful of its unique heritage and rendering homage to the history of the property, Grand Residence 21 combines sophisticated and skillful design with quality and uncompromising craftsmanship, offering the ultimate blend in an unbeatable setting. Refurbished fireplaces, ornaments and frescoes, brought back to life by the most skillful craftsmen, bring forth a new, beautiful chapter in the history of the house.

Everyday luxury.

The carefully tailored in-house services and amenities in Grand Residence 21 take urban life in Helsinki to an unforeseen level, and manifest a new standard in residential living. The residents can indulge in a variety of services designed to create celebrations of everyday life – comfort and ease in daily routines, extra spice for festive moments.

From underground heated parking to well-arranged cleaning and housekeeping, from in-house catering and Grand Residence 21 club privileges, the available services add the ultimate touch into the renaissance of the property.

The service palette allows for perfect freedom of choice – the availability of services does not affect the monthly maintenance charge, and each resident can easily adjust the use of services to fit their lifestyle.